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After two years working in the area of software engineering in the Brazilian government, I worked as an Information Security Analyst inside some Red Teams alongside some Brazilian security consulting companies, such as OGASEC, Deloitte Brasil, and CIPHER; and after that, I decided to start a career as an Independent Researcher so I could focus on the things that really made sense for my purpose.

During my work as an Independent Researcher my focus is to help people, organizations and companies take control of their own information. I combine a technical skillset with extensive business experience to help companies understand the threats they face and build intelligent tools to combat risk and future security for both individuals and groups.

In the past I have already found flaws in incredible companies such as: Activision Blizzard, Caixa Econômica Federal, Warren Brazil and others not so famous but equally incredible. And in parallel to this I have also won some awards in the past: first place at Bsides São Paulo 16th CTF and Hackaflag qualification in 2019 and first place at Campinas Hackathon in 2017.


Aligning my life purpose (creating technologies that help people and groups to take control of their own information) with my work, I decided to cover the following topics as the main areas of my research: privacy/anonymity algorithms and discovery of security vulnerabilities;

During the research time (until then short) I was able to build some open source tools that are available in the Projects section, in parallel to this I audited some services/software that earned me some security adivisories:

If you want to contact me, here is my email: [email protected]eitorgouvea.me