* About Me

Hi! My name is Heitor Gouvêa and I am an Cybersecurity Researcher and Speaker, I have been working on projects that help people, organizations and companies take control of their own informations. I am an itinerant professional who travels while working. I work remotely around the world conducting offensive information security projects for incredible companies like: Cabify, Bugcrowd Inc, Github and other not-so-famous but equally amazing companies.

My work is focused on understanding threat models, analyzing existing applications and building intelligent tools to combat risk current and future security for both individuals or groups.

I have audited high profile websites for security vulnerabilities and have managed and worked in teams of software developers and computer scientists delivering high security architectures.

I travel the world while working in the market offering the following services as a cybersecurity consultancy: vulnerability analysis, penetration test and training in: techniques, concepts and awareness


* Research Interest

I like information security and software development, particularly in the areas of secure protocols, cryptography, privacy, and anonymity. But I also secretly hate technology. More specifically I work on projects that help people take control of their own informations.

The largest project I work on is Nipe: a tool to make Tor Network your default gateway. Nipe enables you to directly route all your traffic from your computer to the Tor Network through which you can surf the Internet Anonymously without having to worry about being tracked or traced back. (media mentions)

I am very interested in offensive security and I have contributed to Metasploit framework, an information security project for the purpose of analyzing security vulnerabilities and facilitating penetration testing and the development of signatures for intrusion detection systems.

And I also contribute to the O-Saft, an tools lists information about remote target’s SSL certificate and tests the remote target according given list of ciphers.

On my profile on Github you can see some of my codes written during my researches.