Heitor Gouvêa

What do not you care about doing Sunday night?!

Or rather, on a Monday morning?

July 17, 2018

The answer to these questions should be your profession.

As soon as the year 2017 began, I decided to chase after my dream. The dream of working as an Information Security Researcher. I decided that I would start slowly, performing some Freelas for friends and colleagues and simultaneously writing some Papers. In the first few months I realized that this was really what I wanted for my life, I felt passionate about autonomy in carrying out my work, the need for strategic thinking and many other things.


Until December 2016 I was the Software Developer, the guy who did programs, but when I became Information Security Researcher, I finally found something that made me horny. And I discovered it on a Sunday night.

Normally Sunday nights were not so good, I just dedicated them to prepare me psychologically to face the coming week of work and studies. Maybe it’s like this for everyone, maybe everyone hates Sundays just like I hated it.

That Sunday I had promised to a colleague who would assess the safety of a product he was about to launch. Normally I’d be too pissed off having to work Sunday night, and still have to get up early on Monday and go to work.

But this time it was different, this time I realized that this was what I wanted, I knew that “it was not time for me to be working”, but at that moment I realized that I was really sure I had found my professional passion, I felt comfortable to be doing it, even being on a Sunday night.

At this point I came to the conclusion that: to have a successful career you have to be willing to break some “social rules”. I only found my professional happiness when I did not call the time or day it was. I just wanted to continue my research. I did not even want to know if it was “wrong to talk about work” at dinner, or if it was “disrespectful to move my cell phone”, if it was something about my research, I would move.

Maybe this thought is wrong, but it’s working with me. I truly believe that this is the way to a professional achievement.

So what do not you mind doing on a Sunday night?

Heitor Gouvêa: with more than 3 years of experience in the field of information security offensive, today he acts independently as an Security Researcher, as well as being the main developer of the Nipe project, a tool responsible for guaranteeing the anonymity of its users, present in several Linux distributions like: Black Arch, Weak Net and LionSec Linux.

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