Heitor Gouvêa

Almost two years away from home...

I still remember it as if it were today, the day I received the proposal to work as a developer in Campinas and as a consequence leave my hometown, family and friends behind...

June 23, 2018

Along with the anxiety of moving quickly to be able to live a new experience, there was also fear. The fear of not liking, of not making new friendships, of not getting accustomed and feeling lonely, among other things…

Leaving home to go live alone has always been one of my greatest utopias, even though I knew I would have difficulties in the beginning. And I really went through a lot of difficulties, one of them was getting used to it in a new routine: to divide the day between studies, employment and domestic activities. Besides, I still had to get used to the campinear accent (yes Campineiros, you have an accent).

But I had the help of my family and the support of my friends, this more than anything, influenced and made my coming to Campinas possible. Even though I was the kind of person who always stayed away from the family, not because I did not know how to live with them, but by choice - after losing my grandfather to my nine years, to whom I was very close, I decided that I would not no one else, not to have to go through that again. And as I always put my career ahead of everything, I ended up distancing myself from my friends and family.

I do not regret any time I have chosen this, since I was little I always tried new experiences to have stories to tell … And when I visit my hometown, what is not missing is story to tell.

Today I realize that it was not necessary to be afraid, I made new friends, I lived new loves, I got used to the new routine, the new food and the local customs … And as for the solitude, in fact, sometimes she comes to visit me, but at the same time , she is a good company.

The experience of living alone influenced a lot in the direction of my career, thanks to this I learned a lot about time management and if before I was already a responsible person, today I am much more. I have created the habit of at least trying to read one book a week and that is adding a lot to my intellectual background.

I also learned that I should not turn my hobby into work. Since I was 14 I used hobby programming as an escape valve and that was great, but when I became my hobby on the job, I saw how exhausting, tiring and tiring it was to work as a developer. Spending all day reasoning to try to solve other people’s problems is not for everyone. And sometimes you end up bringing “problems” home, you’re left wondering how to solve that mistake, even if you just go sit in front of the computer the next day.

If I had not lived through all this experience, I bet I would never have considered the idea of studying law or economics. Yeah, I’m leaving the exact area aside and going into the human / social area.

The coming to Campinas also allowed me to attend events of companies recognized in the market, such as: Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, IBM and iFood. I’ve also been able to better introduce myself into the development community, I get to meet meetups, dojos and hackathons, something that in my hometown I could not … Have the experience of leaving home on Friday, only with a backpack containing a change of clothes, wallet, cell phone, notebook and hygiene items, spend the weekend in a hackathon, programming, without sleep, eating a lot of crap, drinking lots of coffee and soda, making new friends, strengthening my network and returning home only in the Sunday at 11 o’clock at night, this is something I expected from my coming to Campinas.

With all this experience I was able to conclude that I might even be happy where I was, but one of my greatest achievements was to get a start in my career as a developer.

Probably in a while I’ll be changing again, maybe even out of Brazil. It does not cost to dream right?!

Heitor Gouvêa: with more than 3 years of experience in the field of information security offensive, today he acts independently as an Security Researcher, as well as being the main developer of the Nipe project, a tool responsible for guaranteeing the anonymity of its users, present in several Linux distributions like: Black Arch, Weak Net and LionSec Linux.

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