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"if i reach out my hands, they touch your privacy"


An ecosystem of crawlers for detecting: leaks, sensitive data exposure and attempts exfiltration of data

How it works

  This project is summarized in several crawlers that constitute a single ecosystem, that monitor certain
  channels such as: Github, Bing, Pastebin and iHaveBeenPwned? in order to perform data leak detection,
  exposed sensitive files and data exfiltration attempts.


Download and setup:

  # Download
  $ git clone https://github.com/GouveaHeitor/uranus
  $ cd uranus

  # Building MariaDB Database
  $ docker build --rm --squash -t uranus-database ./database/

  # Starting MariaDB container
  $ docker run -d -p 3306:3306 --name maria -e MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD=mypassword uranus-database

  # Building all crawlers containers
  $ docker build --rm --squash -t uranus-pastebin-crawler ./crawlers/pastebin/
  $ docker build --rm --squash -t uranus-bing-crawler ./crawlers/bing/
  $ docker build --rm --squast -t uranus-github-crawler ./crawlers/github/
  $ docker build --rm --squash -t uranus-ihavebeenpwned-crawler ./crawlers/ihavebeenpwned

  # Running all crawlers
  $ docker run 
  $ docker run
  $ docker run
  $ docker run