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30 under 30

Things I want to do before I turn 30. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

Progress updated on: 10 June, 2023.

  1. ✗ Learn the history of my family;
  2. ✗ Drink vodka in Russia;
  3. ✓ Get to know Buenos Aires and participate in the Eko Party Conference;
  4. ✗ Camping on the beach;
  5. ✗ Camping in the middle of the forest;
  6. ✗ Participate in volunteer work;
  7. ✗ Skateboarding in Barcelona;
  8. ✓ Go to a secret party;
  9. ✗ Visit Silicon Valley;
  10. ✓ Take a trip alone;
  11. ✗ Go alone to the cinema;
  12. ~ Run the Boston Marathon;
  13. ✗ Go to the Defcon Conference;
  14. ✗ Go to the CCC;
  15. ✗ Go to the OffensiveConf;
  16. ~ Read 100 books (06/100);
  17. ✗ Skateboarding in New York;
  18. ~ Visit all states in Brazil (visited: SP, RJ, MG, PR, GO, SC, RS);
  19. ✗ Do high performance exercises during 30 days;
  20. ✓ Live in another country;
  21. ✗ Fly in a helicopter;
  22. ✓ Climb a mountain on foot (I did this more than 10x);
  23. ✗ Eat sushi in Japan;
  24. ✗ Stay 30 days without buy any material things;
  25. ✗ Find a critical zero-day in Chrome Browser (Maybe Firefox too?);
  26. ✓ Start a company;
  27. ✓ Learn a new language;
  28. ~
  29. ~
  30. ~
  • Total: (07/30);

Progress Updates

In the year 2022, I created this list but basically I only managed to do 3 things, I would say that it was simply a matter of prioritization and next year I intend to change that:

  • 1. [04/11/2021] I improved my physical condition, lost weight, exercised and literally managed to walk up a mountain; After I did it once, I started hiking whenever the opportunity arose and I was privileged to discover amazing places like that. With that, I learned that I really need to improve my physical health through habits, changing what I’m ingesting and also through physical exercises, preventing my muscles from becoming atrophied as this gives me an intangible ability to experience incredible experiences.

  • 2. [02/11/2022] I had the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires and participate in the Eko Party Conference; It was my first trip outside Brazil, it made me want to visit other countries in South America.

  • 3. [10/06/2023] I’m currently training for my first Marathon. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to run the Boston Marathon, but I’m sure I’ll be able to run a marathon in 2023. This month (June) i will be running my first 10k.