Heitor Gouvêa

The importance of sitting and doing

This guy in the picture is me, while I try to write something new for the blog. In about half an hour, this is the fifth text I try to do.

July 4, 2018


This guy in the picture is me, while I try to write something new for the blog. In about half an hour, this is the fifth text I try to do. And seriously: I do not know if I’m going to finish it. But, I only get up from here when I have something interesting and complete to post!

I never needed “inspiration” to write something, since it was always a skill I had, I discovered it still in elementary school and since then I have never stopped writing - luckily it even became a job, sometimes I act as “Technical Writer” for some Startups…

At school time it was still a hobby, I only wrote when I wanted to “get something out,” but today I can not do it anymore. I have made a commitment to write, a commitment to create content and, as much as I love to write, the idea that “NEED A TEXT TODAY” is not helping me at all.

As I said at the beginning of the text this is my fifth attempt to write a text, so it is not for lack of subject. The biggest problem is to develop a logical line in all texts, to lead you readers - type when a language teacher teaches you to make a fable there in elementary school…

But why am I having this basic problem just today ?! Dude, to be honest it can only be for one of these two reasons - or both at the same time:

When I started to write, I did the usual, I went in my drafts, where I keep some ideas/reasonings that I have throughout the day, I chose something and started.

The first attempt was a text about the importance of strategic thinking for those who work with information security, wrote some 3 lines and went to get some water.

But when I came back I was not feeling any more “passion” about that subject, so I decided to write something else, again I opened the drafts and this time the choice was a text entitled “You are not a genius”, where I talk about a theory - based on some of the books I read from Ayn Rand - that I created about the false illusion my generation is having about being someone smarter than the average. But after a 4min writing, my attention was being lost to Facebook and some WhatsApp groups…

There came a point where I realized that it was only holding back the inevitable.

I thought “OK HEITOR, IT’S OVER! SIT AND WRITE “and as no subject in the drafts had arrested me, I decided to start something new. Fuck what.

When I opened the Editor empty, I saw the bar flashing and gave me a desperation.

Once again “OK HEITOR, IT’S OVER! SIT AND WRITE. “ It came to my mind that maybe that would be the title. But then I realized that no one would click that shit.

Then I thought that this struggle to find the right text could yield a legal text. I thought sitting and doing could be something that many of you go through. I thought it would be nice to do this and I started.

And here we are, is not it? I once heard the following phrase: “The important thing is to do, even if it is not the best…”. But after writing this, I realized that it’s not about “sitting and doing” and about “why am I doing it here?!” and answering my own question: I do it because I love it, I chose to do it and I’m going to continue doing all the days of my life.

That’s why getting up in the morning to go to work is so difficult. That’s why we do not have the determination to do college work. Because the whys are hidden or sometimes they do not even exist.

I always remember Golden Circle, Simon Sinek. The beginning is why. The rest comes later.

As I wrote this text, I did a TimeStamp … Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the outside of this whole thing was like to create a new text.

Heitor Gouvêa: with more than 3 years of experience in the field of information security offensive, today he acts independently as an Security Researcher, as well as being the main developer of the Nipe project, a tool responsible for guaranteeing the anonymity of its users, present in several Linux distributions like: Black Arch, Weak Net and LionSec Linux.

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