Vulnerability analysis: an indispensable practice for your Startup


In the year 2017 many companies and systems were invaded, this caused the market to become aware of the importance of Information Security, and with this came several new terms, one of them is the vulnerability analysis.


But after all, what is vulnerability analysis?!

During the execution of a vulnerability analysis the main objective is to perform the identification of known security breaches and gaps present in your environment, and which can expose you to threats.

Such failures can be caused by programming errors, poor configuration of services and servers, or simply human failure.

In this process, consider network reconfirms, third-party application security issues, software that has the potential to cause future infrastructure failure.

This process maps all systems that may contain faults and gaps, detailing these results through a technical report. With the information mapped, we can mitigate the possible vulnerabilities found, thus ensuring greater security to the environment in question.


Why is this practice important?

With the periodic practice of vulnerability analysis your business will acquire several returns, as well as the possibility of:

With complete analysis, decision-making regarding information security becomes easier and more assertive because the report is made up of essential information that indicates the best strategy to keep your environment protected from failures, attacks and intrusions.


How can I help you

Security is a complex and dynamic problem, and most companies do not have the time, knowledge, and capabilities to effectively manage it. I help companies of all shapes and sizes to realistically assess their security position and guide them to respond appropriately to weaknesses. Over time, they better understand the nature of the technology landscape, enhance their defensive capabilities, and correctly identify the elements of their security strategy that need attention.

This attack simulation services provide a means to properly assess security, thus enhancing the defensive capabilities of enterprises.

Attack simulation is the best way to properly assess your security posture. Demonstration of exploitation and exfiltration of data not only helps the business to understand the risks, it helps to prioritize the changes within the organization. More and more organizations are being compromised, data breaches and business closures are becoming daily news. What would happen to your business if it became the next target?

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About the autor:

Heitor Gouvêa is a Cybersecurity Researcher and Speaker from Brazil, with over 3 years of experience in the field of offensive security. Author of the anonymity tool Nipe, present in several Linux distributions focused on information security such as BlackArch, LionSec and WeakNet.