My experience working on a coworking and its benefits


I worked in corporate environments throughout my career, but by the end of 2017, I started working on a coworking and that changed my life, literally.

Today I complete 3 months in which I am working in this new environment. For those who do not know, coworking is a collaborative space in which people and companies share the same place as work office. So if you are an advertiser, designer, programmer, freelancer or any other professional who can work in such an environment, it may be that a coworking is the perfect environment!

During this time I’m working here at Castelo Creative Space I noticed numerous benefits, so I want to use this post to share some of them.


Quick installation

You arrive, choose your coworking plan, choose your workstation and start working. That simple! There is no curling! No need to worry about change and stuff, all you need is your notebook.


Opportunity for networking

Here at the Castelo, I am constantly in contact with different people, from different areas and this is very nice! I can learn about things I never thought I would learn. Coworking encourages your social interaction, makes you create professional relationships with other coworkers. It is very common to see staff establishing partnerships and contracting each other’s services.


A more professional image

Shared workspaces also provide reception services, individual telephone sets, pleasant meeting rooms, and this conveys more credibility and professionalism to your business.

You can also use the business phone number on your business card or on your website, this can often make all the difference in winning a new customer.


More Productivity

It sounds unbelievable, but you will be more productive! In a coworking your mind will be 100% focused on performing only your tasks. No need to worry about internet instability, space cleanup or other such features. All of this is coworking duty, and I can assure you that they will fulfill that.



At least here in the Castelo, there are countless “Meetups” throughout the month, and the topics are extremely varied, ranging from business, development, marketing, collectibles, infrastructure and even information security - of which I am the coordinator. And that’s one more of the incredible opportunities that a coworking offers.

During this time I am here, I attend about 10 lectures a month and this has contributed to my professional and personal training in an extremely robust way.



After that period working in a coworking, I can not see myself working in another kind of environment. I believe that this opportunity has been extremely advantageous in all these factors that I mentioned above …


About the autor:

Heitor Gouvêa is a Cybersecurity Engineer and Instructor from Brazil, with over 3 years of experience in the field of offensive security. Author of the anonymity tool Nipe, present in several Linux distributions focused on information security such as BlackArch, LionSec and WeakNet.