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My collection of custom scripts, plugins, exploits and others small things


Here you will find a “spellbook” with my personal scripts, exploits and other small things I wrote during my bug hunts, pentesting or red teaming missions. Like any other spellbook, some things here are not going to be very easy to understand, but it couldn’t be different, right?

Download & Install

    # Cloning
    git clone https://github.com/GouveaHeitor/spellbook && cd spellbook
    # Building image
    $ docker build --rm --squash -t spellbook .

    # Using this container
    $ docker run -v /root/home:/home/ -p 1337:1337 -p 9090:9090 -ti spellbook /bin/bash


Name Category Description Link
hunter.pl Recon Extract all e-mails collected by hunter.io View
extract_links.pl Recon A simple script to extrack urls from a webpage View
bing.pl Recon —— View
shodan.pl Recon —— View
github.pl Recon —— View
pastebin.pl Recon —— View
zoomeye.pl Recon —— View
———- Fuzzing —— View
wp_username_leak.pl Exploit —— View
apk_sing.pl Misc —— View
catcher.pl Misc —— View
exifs.pl Misc —— View
firebase.py Misc —— View
gen_favicon_hash.py Misc —— View
getip.py Misc —— View
resolv.py Misc —— View