Work with me

Working with Information Security for over 3 years - alongside startups and medium / large companies - providing consulting in pentesting, code review, security architecture and training …

I audited high-profile sites for security vulnerabilities and managed / worked on teams of software developers and computer scientists, providing high-security architectures.

My work is focused on understanding threat models, analyzing existing applications, and building smart tools to combat the current and future security risk for individuals or groups.

Security is a complex and dynamic problem, and most companies do not have the time, knowledge or skills to effectively manage it. And my job is to help companies of all shapes and sizes realistically assess their security position and guide them to respond appropriately to weaknesses. Over time, my partners and clients better understand the nature of the technology landscape, enhance their defensive capabilities, and correctly identify the elements of their security strategy that need attention.

Usually, there are three ways to get involved with me:

Penetration Testing

It is the method that evaluates the security of a website, computer system or network, simulating an attack from a malicious source. My attack simulation services provide a means to properly assess security, thus enhancing the defensive capabilities of companies. This is the best way to properly assess your security posture. Demonstration of exploitation and exfiltration of data not only helps the business to understand the risks, it helps to prioritize the changes within the organization.

More and more organizations are being compromised, data breaches and business closures are becoming daily news. What would happen to your business if it became the next target?

Security Design & Architecture

They are the design artifacts that describe how security controls (security countermeasures) are positioned and how they relate to the overall architecture of systems. These controls serve the purpose of maintaining the quality attributes of the system, such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


I also conduct training for professionals in the field of Information Security and related areas, such as: awareness, use of tools and techniques.

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